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Sales Coaching Program Professional Level


  • 1 Hour Interactive Sales Coaching Each Week Covering:

  • Top traits of great salespeople!

  • Follow up and prospecting strategies!

  • Mastering objections!

  • How to ask the right questions!

  • 13 steps through the sales process!

  • Learn over 100 closing techniques!

  • Phone Sales Mastery!

  • 7 figure sales principles!

  • Advance sales negotiations!

  • 100 ways to stay motivated!

  • Ability to network with over 50 businesses that attend!

  • And this is just the start of what we cover!

Sales Coaching Sessions

Retail Price: $499

Price Today: $197/Month

Do What Others Refuse To Do” – Grant Cardone

You have just taken the next right step to improving your business! This elite sales coaching program, provided by The THRIVE Advisor, is backed by the world’s #1 sales and marketing trainer, Grant Cardone himself. We teach the exact tactics, strategies and philosophies that Grant has used to help countless businesses, big and small, make millions of dollars. Take the extra step and do what your competition is too lazy to do. If you want to increase your closing ratio, generate more revenue and work less for more then this is for you. If you enjoy staying stagnate, hitting your head against a revenue ceiling, continuing to lose market share and sales to your competition then please hit the “X” at the top of the screen, because this isn’t for you. This is an exclusive opportunity for motivated and determined people that want to grow their business to levels only dreamed about. If this is you, then fill out the form and let your journey to success begin!



“Never lower your price, add value” – Grant Cardone

The goal of this Elite Coaching Program is to train, develop and inspire sales professionals to be the best in their respected fields. We want to provide you with best practices, develop your skills and push your potential to dominate your market.

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